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The United States is one of the largest countries in the world. It has five major territories named as American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you are looking for the U.S territories maps, then you may expect this place is only for you.

Collection of U.S Territories Maps:

1. U.S Territory Map on World Map:

U.S Territory Map on World Map

2. U.S Territory Map of 2020:

U.S Territory Map of 2020

3. U.S Territory Map of 1805:

U.S Territory Map of 1805

All the United States territories are self-governing but work under the U.S government. These are not states and do not have state recognition like the people who are residing in these territories, don’t have the right to vote in the general elections for President, but they can vote in primary U.S president’s elections. We are going to explain the origin or you can say a little bit of information about these U.S territories in the next paragraph.

America Samoa became a U.S territory in 1900. Almost 55k population is residing in this territory. This territory covers the 77 square miles od U.S land.

When we talk about the Guam, It became a U.S territory in 1898 and covers 210 square miles of land. Almost 165000 inhabitants are residing there. It a home of world’s largest Kmart.

The Northern Mariana Islands became a U.S territory in 1976. It has almost 179 square miles land. It has 54k inhabitants. The fact of this territory is non-natives are not allowed to own land. They just lease it.

Puerto Rico became is the 4th U.S territory. It became a United States territory in 1898. It has a huge no. of population. 3.5 million people are residing there in Puerto Rico. It covers a huge area of land. It has a 3515 square miles area of the United States.

The last territory of United States is the U.S. Virgin Islands. It became a U.S territory in 1917 and covers the 133 square miles of land. Almost 102,951 people are residing there in U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you are willing to know the territories information on U.S Maps, you are at the best place of territories maps. Here we have added all us territories maps. You can have look at these maps and download them accordingly.

Most of the time people use these types of maps for their school and college projects. Mainly in a political subject, this kind of projects are given by a teacher. Some of the historians demand these types of maps for their research purposes. All these maps are designed to understand the concept of map of the U.S and its territories.

You can easily get all these maps free of cost. There is a simple procedure to download these maps is, you have to click on the PDF button and a new tab will be open in your browser after than you can easily download your favorite maps in your smartphone or computer.

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