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River maps are those maps that have some information regarding the starting point and ending point of a river. These maps are very useful for teaching purposes and direction purposes. You may know the direction of your location while lost in the forest. We have added some river maps of the U.S (United States). You can see these images right here.

Collection of U.S Maps of River:

1. Map of USA with Rivers and Mountains:

U.S River Map

2. U.S River Basin Map:

U.S River Basin Map

3. U.S River System Map:

U.S River System Map

4. Platte River on U.S Map:

Platte River on U.S Map

5. Snake River on U.S Map:

Snake River Map

As you can see in the image given above, we have added a full U.S rivers maps. In the first map, you will find the starting and ending points of all of the rivers. we have also included the two most popular rivers in the United States. The first one is the Platte River and the Second one is the Snake River.

We are going to discuss both the rivers a little bit. Let’s start with the Platte River. It is the largest river in the state of Nebraska. It is almost 500 km long. It is a tributary of Missouri River which itself is a tributary of the Mississipi River flow to the Gulf of Mexico. It has a tributary river known as the North Platte River. North Platte River flows over 1690 km.

Now come to the second most popular river in the United States. It is one of the major rivers of the Pacific Northwest region in the United States. It is the largest tributary of the Columbia River and flows over 1735 km. It falls in the Pacific Ocean. The starting point of flowing is from western Wyoming, after that it flows through the Snake River plain of southern Idaho and flowing ahead through Oregon and emptying into the Columbia River at the Tri-Cities, Washington.

In the second image you will see the U.S river basin map which shows the part of land drained by a river or any tributaries in a specific region of the United States.

All these maps are available free of cost. There is no hidden cost to get these maps. You just have to press the PDF button for a specific category of map and download the map in your Smart devices like computers and smartphones.

Hope, you love this amazing collection River maps. You can give a suggestion or tell us your experience after completing your purpose related to river maps. You can do that by just commenting down here.

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