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A tollway, often called Tollroad, is a section of highway or state road where a driver or vehicle must pay to drive on that road. Before starting your journey, you must know toll roads and their toll charges. Here on this page, we are adding some Illinois tollway plaza maps. The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) maintains this state’s toll roads or toll plazas. Please scroll down the page and have a look at these maps. 

Illinois Tollway Map Collection:

1. Illinois Tollway Map:

preview illinois tollway map

2. Illinois Toll Plaza Map:

preview illinois toll plaza map

Above we have added some Tollway and Tollroad maps of Illinois state. Below we are also providing some information related to 2021 Illinois State Toll charges. Please check the entire table for more information.

Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) – 2021 Rates By Toll Plaza

Autos Trucks
Toll Plaza NameAll TimesAll TimesDaytimeOvernight
(I-PASS)(Cash)(Cash and I-PASS)(Cash and I-PASS)
South Beloit1$0.95$1.90$3.30$4.90$8.65$2.15$3.80$6.50
East Riverside Boulevard*2$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Genoa Road (EB Exit)Z*3$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Genoa Road (WB Exit)*3$0.75$1.50$2.60$3.90$6.90$1.75$3.00$5.20
Illinois 173*4$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Irene Road^5A$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Pay Online^
Illinois 476$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
(EB Exit/WB Entrance) ^Pay Online^
Illinois 476$0.30$0.60$1.05$1.45$2.60$0.70$1.20$2.00
(EB Entrance/WB Exit) ^Pay Online^
Illinois 23 ^ 7A$0.75$1.50$2.60$3.90$6.90$1.75$3.00$5.20
Pay Online ^
Randall Road*8$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Barrington Rd (EB Ent/WB Exit)10$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Barrington Rd (EB Exit/WB Ent) ^10$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Pay Online^
Illinois Route 31*11$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Roselle Road (EB Entrance/WB Exit)12$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Roselle Road (EB Exit/WB Entrance)^12$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Pay Online^
Meacham Road^12A$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Pay Online^
Illinois Route 25*13$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Illinois Route 59 Westbound Exit*16A$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Illinois Route 59 Eastbound Exit*14$0.30$0.60$1.05$1.45$2.60$0.70$1.20$2.00
I-290, Illinois Route 53*15$0.30$0.60$1.05$1.45$2.60$0.70$1.20$2.00
Beverly Road*16B$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Devon Avenue17$0.75$1.50$2.60$3.90$6.90$1.75$3.00$5.20
Arlington Heights Road*18$0.45$0.90$1.60$2.50$4.30$1.15$2.00$3.30
Elmhurst Road (EB Exit/WB Ent)18A$0.55$1.10$2.00$2.90$5.20$1.30$2.30$3.90
Pay Online^
River Road19$0.75$1.50$2.60$3.90$6.90$1.75$3.00$5.20

A toll fee is used to maintain that particular road and highway. There are several methods and conditions to collect the toll charges. Toll charges differ from vehicle to vehicle. If you want to know about the toll points or locations then you should check the maps that we have added above. Below, we are describing each map. So, read the description before download any map.

The first map is shows the all toll roads and tollbooths that are in the Illinois state. For pricing or detailed information you can check the table. The second map is also about the toolways but it contains some additional information like – truck and car parking areas and some small toll booth and their routes.

These maps are available in both PDF or JPG format. You can download or save in any format according to your need.

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