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When we travel from one country to another, you can see a change in the destination country’s timing. Almost every country has a different time zone. When we talk about the time zone in a state of the country, sometimes it may remain the same or may be different. If you are here for the Arizona Time Zone Maps, we have added some of them down here.

Collection of Arizona Time Zone Maps:

1. Arizona Time Zone Map:

Arizona Time Zone Maps

2. Arizona Time Zone Clock Map:

Arizona Time Zone Clock Map

Almost all the regions of Arizona are located in the same time zone i.e. Mountain Standard Time (MST). Arizona time zone has a UTC offset of -7 hours. There is a common misconception in the Arizona Time zone. During the summer season, the time zone of Arizona Changes. It changes into Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), but in the winter season the time zone of Arizona remains the same as the default time zone i.e Mountain Standard Time (MST).

MST and DST both have the same UTC offset of minus 7 hours. When you compare the timing of Arizona with its native states, you will find that it is the same time as the Nevada and California has in the summer season. Phoenix and Tucson are the two major cities in Arizona.

If you are looking for Phoenix and Tucson Time zone, then you will not be surprised because both cities are located in the Arizona state, so the time zone of both the cities remains the same as the standard time zone of the whole Arizona State i.e. Mountain Standard Time (MST) of UTC -7. A semi-native American territory follows the United States DST timing. It lies in northeastern Arizona.

As you can see we have added two images of the Arizona Time Zone map. In the first image, it shows Arizona marked in it and its time zone is written on it. When you see the 2nd image you will find that it shows the timing of different time zone to understand the duration gap between the other states of the U.S.

All the above maps are easily downloadable. You just have to click on the PDF button as shown in a specific category of a time zone map. After clicking on the button, a new tab will be open and from there you can download these maps or take a print out.

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