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Alaska is one of the major states of the United States but it has a small highway map. All highways are connected to the Canada country. If you are going to another state of the U.S, then these maps will be helpful for you. Here we have covered Alaska Highway map, Alaska Black and White Highway map, Alcon Highway map, and Dalton Highway map. You can choose one of these maps according to your requirements.

Collection of Alaska Highway Maps

1. Alaska Highway Map:

Alaska Highway Map

2. Alaska Black and White Highway Map:

Alaska black and white highway maps

3. Alcan Highway Map:

alcan highway Map

4. Dalton Highway Map:

Dalton highway map

Alaska highway was constructed after World War 2nd. It was described as one of the most difficult construction project. Firstly it was referred to as Alaskan highway after some time it changed into Alcon highway because it is connected with both Alaska and Canada so it was shortened to Alcon Highway. If it’s your first time driving to Alaska, please pick up a copy of Alaska Highway Map.

Alaska Highway is 2224km/1382 miles long and stretches from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction Alaska. When it was constructed the actual length of this highway was 1442 miles, but after doing reconstruction it is 60 miles shorter than before.

The Alaska Highway begins in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and ends Delta Junction, Alaska. From Dawson Creek, the Alaska Highway runs 970 km/595 miles to Lower Post where it enters the Yukon, Canada. Then, it winds its way through the Yukon for an additional 892 km/550 miles, passing through Whitehorse and crossing into Alaska at mile 1182/km 1903.

Alcan highway continues on to Delta Junction from the Alaska border at mile 1422/km 2224, where the Alaska Highway joins the Richardson Highway for the remaining 98 miles/158 km to Fairbanks AK.

We have added an Alcan Highway map separately. You can easily download it by pressing the PDF button as shown under the particular category.

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