South Dakota (SD) Road and Highway Map (Free & Printable)

 South Dakota is the seventeenth-largest state which is located in the upper Midwestern region of the USA. This state has a large road network which is controlled by the South Dakota Department of Transportation SDDOT. If you want to explore more about the roads and highways, you must have South Dakota Road Map and Highways Map. Below, we have a collection of maps so have a look at these maps. 

South Dakota Road and Highway Map Collection:

1. South Dakota Road Map:

2. South Dakota Highway Map:

When you see the first map, which is a Road Map of South Dakota, on this map, you will get to know information about the roads of this state and the city of this state. So, with the help of this map, you can navigate anywhere in this city.

The second map is the “South Dakota Highway Map”, which shows information about the highways, interstate highways, and the roads that connect other cities with South Dakota (SD). In this map, all major highways are marked with red lines. And, all the highway numbers are mentioned on this map, so you will easily identify and navigate anywhere.

South Dakota has an average of 83,609 miles or 134,556 kms of highways and roads. And 1,093 kms of interstate highways. There are two major interstates highways in South Dakota, which are I-90 and I-29. The total length of the Interstate-90 is 413 miles (665 kilometres), and the Interstate-29 is 212 miles (406 kilometres) long. The shortest interstate highway is I-90 which is about 02 miles (3.2 kilometres) long.

So, these were some best road and highways maps that we have added above. All the maps are available for free in PDF format and JPG format, and you can easily download any map by clicking on the buttons.

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