Map of All ZIP Codes in Indianapolis, Indiana

Zipcode is a unique numbered series that is used while sending parcels or couriers from one location to another. Every city or area has its unique zip code so that a mail or parcel deliver successfully. If you are looking for Indianapolis zip codes then you will find the best Indianapolis zip code maps. Please scroll down the page and have a look at these maps.

Collection of Indianapolis Zip Codes Maps:

1.Indianapolis Zip Code Map:

indianapolis zip code map - preview

2. Downtown Indianapolis Zip Code:

downtown indianapolis zip code

Here, we have added some Indianapolis Zip Code Maps. Below, we are describing each map so you can easily get to know the information you need.

The first map is a detailed and complete zip code map of Indianapolis city. You will find all zipcodes of this city. There are a total of 65 Zipcodes in this district. If you are looking for a particular area zip code then you should check the maps that we have added above. The second map is a specific area map that is Downtown Indy, in this area, there is a total of 05 Zip Codes.

S.NoZip CodeCounty / City
246208 Marion
346218 Marion
446201 Marion
546235 Marion
Downtown Indianapolis Zip Codes

The above table is showing the zipcodes of the downtown area of Indianapolis. Please download or view the second map for more information.

Zipcodes are mainly used by the Postal Service Department or Courier company to send or deliver your parcel or mail. Because this unique number is associated with a specific region or location. You should know the accurate zip code of your area and of another area where you want to send the courier or parcel.

These were the best and interactive Zip Codes maps that we added above, both maps are available in PDF and JPG format. Save these maps for free and use them anywhere according to your need.

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