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As you know that, Zipcodes are important and necessary to mention on the courier, mail or parcel that you are sending to someone. Because without zip code it will not deliver. So, you must know the accurate zip code. That’s why here on this page, we are mentioning all Zip Codes of the Atlanta City

Please scroll down the page and check the Atlanta zip code map.

Collection of Atlanta Zip Code Maps:

1. Atlanta Zip Code Map:

preview Atlanta Zipcodes Map

2. Printable Zip Code Map:

preview printable-atlanta-zip-code-map

3. Zip Code Map of Atlanta City:

preview atlanta zip code map

4. Downtown Atlanta Zip Code Map:

preview - downtown atlanta zip code

5. Buckhead Zip Code Map:

preview - buckhead zip code map

6. Midtown Atlanta Zip Codes Map:

preview midtown atlanta zip code map

7. East Atlanta Zip code Map:

preview east atlanta zip code map

Atlanta is the most populous and capital city of Georgia state of the USA. Atlanta covers three counties that are DeKalb County, Fulton County and Clayton County. Above we have added 08 types of different zip codes maps of Atlanta City and some specific regions of Atlanta. So, choose any map and get the information you need. Below, we are describing each map.

The first map is a detailed map of Atlanta City which is showing all Zip codes. The second and third map is also the same as the first map but different visually. You can check the table for more detailed information. In this table, we are mentioning each and every Zipcodes of Atlanta.

S.NoZip CodeCityStateCounty
130301AtlantaGAFulton County
230302AtlantaGAFulton County
330303AtlantaGAFulton County
430304AtlantaGAFulton County
530305AtlantaGAFulton County
630306AtlantaGAFulton County
730307AtlantaGADeKalb County
830308AtlantaGAFulton County
930309AtlantaGAFulton County
1030310AtlantaGAFulton County
1130311AtlantaGAFulton County
1230312AtlantaGAFulton County
1330313AtlantaGAFulton County
1430314AtlantaGAFulton County
1530315AtlantaGAFulton County
1630316AtlantaGADeKalb County
1730317AtlantaGADeKalb County
1830318AtlantaGAFulton County
1930319AtlantaGADeKalb County
2030320AtlantaGAClayton County
2130321AtlantaGAFulton County
2230322AtlantaGADeKalb County
2330324AtlantaGAFulton County
2430325AtlantaGAFulton County
2530326AtlantaGAFulton County
2630327AtlantaGAFulton County
2730328AtlantaGAFulton County
2830329AtlantaGADeKalb County
2930330AtlantaGAFulton County
3030331AtlantaGAFulton County
3130332AtlantaGAFulton County
3230333AtlantaGAFulton County
3330334AtlantaGAFulton County
3430336AtlantaGAFulton County
3530337AtlantaGAFulton County
3630338AtlantaGADeKalb County
3730339AtlantaGACobb County
3830340AtlantaGADeKalb County
3930341AtlantaGADeKalb County
4030342AtlantaGAFulton County
4130343AtlantaGAFulton County
4230344AtlantaGAFulton County
4330345AtlantaGADeKalb County
4430346AtlantaGADeKalb County
4530347AtlantaGAFulton County
4630348AtlantaGAFulton County
4730349AtlantaGAFulton County
4830350AtlantaGAFulton County
4930353AtlantaGAFulton County
5030354AtlantaGAFulton County
5130355AtlantaGAFulton County
5230356AtlantaGAFulton County
5330357AtlantaGAFulton County
5430358AtlantaGAFulton County
5530359AtlantaGAFulton County
5630360AtlantaGADeKalb County
5730361AtlantaGAFulton County
5830362AtlantaGAFulton County
5930363AtlantaGAFulton County
6030364AtlantaGAFulton County
6130366AtlantaGAFulton County
6230368AtlantaGAFulton County
6330369AtlantaGAFulton County
6430370AtlantaGAFulton County
6530371AtlantaGAFulton County
6630374AtlantaGAFulton County
6730375AtlantaGAFulton County
6830376AtlantaGAFulton County
6930377AtlantaGAFulton County
7030378AtlantaGAFulton County
7130379AtlantaGAFulton County
7230380AtlantaGAFulton County
7330384AtlantaGAFulton County
7430385AtlantaGAFulton County
7530386AtlantaGAFulton County
7630387AtlantaGAFulton County
7730388AtlantaGAFulton County
7830389AtlantaGAFulton County
7930390AtlantaGAFulton County
8030392AtlantaGAFulton County
8130394AtlantaGAFulton County
8230396AtlantaGAFulton County
8330398AtlantaGAFulton County
8430399AtlantaGAFulton County

Now, the fourth map is a zip code map of the Downtown area of Atlanta (GA). This area is the central business district of the city. If you are looking for Downtown Atlanta’s Zipcodes then you can check this map. And the fifth map is a Buckhead Zip code map. This area is mainly the uptown commercial and residential district of the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Its Zip code is 30625.

The sixth map is related to Midtown Atlanta. This is located in the Fulton County of Georgia and it is a neighbourhood city of Atlanta. This city has two Zip codes which are 30308 and 30309. And the last zip code map is about  East Atlanta, this is also a neighbourhood city of Atlanta. This city lies in the DeKalb County of Georgia. The Zipcode of East Atlanta is 30316.

These were some useful Zip code maps of the City of Atlanta. We hope you have found all of your area code maps. If you want to know another cities Zip Codes then please check our other articles.

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