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Idaho is a state in the USA located in the Pacific Northwest region. This state is covered from north to south by the Rocky Mountains. The most important mountains include the Bitterroots which extend along most of their neighbourhood mountains Montana and Caribou. If you want to explore more about the mountains of Idaho then you must check these idaho mountain ranges maps. Please scroll down the page and have a look at these maps.

Idaho Mountains Map Collection:

1. Idaho Mountains Map:

2. Idaho Skiing Map:

3. Selkirk Mountains Idaho Map:

4. Sun Valley Mountain Map:

5. Bitterroot Mountains Idaho Map:

So, these are the maps of the Idaho mountain range that we have added above. We assure you that these maps would be right ones for what you are looking for. Below, we are describing all maps. So, read about all maps before download any map.

Mountains ranges in Idaho State

S.NoNameCounty, StateElevationCoordinates
1Albion MountainsCassia County, Idaho7,470 feet (2,280 m)42°13′48″N 113°43′05″W
2Arco HillsButte County, Idaho7,310 feet (2,230 m)43°39′43″N 113°09′27″W
3Aspen RangeCaribou County, Idaho7,831 feet (2,387 m)42°40′51″N 111°28′18″W
4Bally MountainsBox Elder County, Utah8,051 feet (2,454 m)41°57′49″N 113°28′25″W
5Bannock RangeBannock County, Idaho7,018 feet (2,139 m)42°25′00″N 112°17′03″W
6Bear River RangeBear Lake County, Idaho8,356 feet (2,547 m)42°09′17″N 111°36′15″W
7Bear River RangeCache County, Utah6,404 feet (1,952 m)41°38′00″N 111°40′03″W
8Beaverhead MountainsLemhi County, Idaho11,352 feet (3,460 m)44°21′17″N 112°49′21″W
9Big Hole MountainsTeton County, Idaho8,655 feet (2,638 m)43°41′35″N 111°19′51″W
10Bighorn CragsLemhi County, Idaho9,642 feet (2,939 m)45°10′24″N 114°34′59″W
11Bitterroot MountainsClearwater County, Idaho3,845 feet (1,172 m)47°28′00″N 115°42′04″W
12Bitterroot RangeClearwater County, Idaho7,126 feet (2,172 m)46°44′08″N 115°24′27″W
13Black Butte HillsLincoln County, Idaho4,531 feet (1,381 m)43°05′37″N 114°27′01″W
14Black Pine MountainsCassia County, Idaho8,586 feet (2,617 m)42°07′54″N 113°07′11″W
15Blackfoot MountainsBingham County, Idaho6,808 feet (2,075 m)43°10′58″N 111°50′27″W
16Boise MountainsBoise County, Idaho5,787 feet (1,764 m)43°45′01″N 115°30′04″W
17Boulder MountainsCuster County, Idaho11,699 feet (3,566 m)43°54′08″N 114°24′33″W
18Buck Creek MountainsElko County, Nevada6,791 feet (2,070 m)41°55′23″N 115°35′06″W
19Cabinet MountainsSanders County, Montana4,058 feet (1,237 m)48°10′00″N 115°50′04″W
20Caribou RangeCaribou County, Idaho8,202 feet (2,500 m)42°55′14″N 111°10′54″W
21Castle RocksCassia County, Idaho6,758 feet (2,060 m)42°08′20″N 113°40′44″W
22Cedar HillsCassia County, Idaho6,594 feet (2,010 m)42°00′42″N 113°41′49″W
23Centennial MountainsClark County, Idaho10,180 feet (3,100 m)44°33′44″N 111°30′17″W
24Chalk HillsCanyon County, Idaho2,556 feet (779 m)43°36′29″N 116°48′47″W
25Chesterfield RangeCaribou County, Idaho6,959 feet (2,121 m)42°49′52″N 111°44′47″W
26Clearwater MountainsIdaho County, Idaho4,895 feet (1,492 m)45°36′02″N 115°11′03″W
27Coeur d’Alene MountainsSanders County, Montana3,497 feet (1,066 m)47°45′00″N 116°00′04″W
28Cold Springs MountainsIdaho County, Idaho6,926 feet (2,111 m)45°30′04″N 116°27′05″W
29Cotterel MountainsCassia County, Idaho6,092 feet (1,857 m)42°26′20″N 113°28′22″W
30Cuddy MountainsWashington County, Idaho7,566 feet (2,306 m)44°49′23″N 116°43′56″W
31Danskin MountainsElmore County, Idaho4,987 feet (1,520 m)43°24′39″N 115°41′36″W
32Deep Creek MountainsPower County, Idaho8,412 feet (2,564 m)42°26′35″N 112°42′59″W
33Donkey HillsCuster County, Idaho9,377 feet (2,858 m)44°13′26″N 113°30′28″W
34East HillsCassia County, Idaho5,804 feet (1,769 m)42°29′04″N 113°33′55″W
35Eastern Centennial MountainsClark County, Idaho10,180 feet (3,100 m)44°33′44″N 111°30′17″W
36Elk MountainsElko County, Nevada7,398 feet (2,255 m)41°56′12″N 115°03′34″W
37Fish Creek RangeCaribou County, Idaho6,460 feet (1,970 m)42°37′11″N 111°55′17″W
38Fox HillsCaribou County, Idaho7,011 feet (2,137 m)42°48′46″N 111°28′24″W
39Gannett HillsLincoln County, Wyoming7,907 feet (2,410 m)42°33′36″N 111°04′14″W
40Goose Creek MountainsElko County, Nevada6,102 feet (1,860 m)41°37′35″N 114°07′28″W
41Grass MountainsIdaho County, Idaho8,067 feet (2,459 m)45°10′39″N 116°11′43″W
42Grassy HillsOwyhee County, Idaho5,853 feet (1,784 m)42°11′26″N 115°06′02″W
43Grays RangeCaribou County, Idaho7,428 feet (2,264 m)42°57′04″N 111°25′35″W
44Hawley MountainsButte County, Idaho7,910 feet (2,410 m)44°05′07″N 113°18′30″W
45Henrys Lake MountainsMadison County, Montana10,148 feet (3,093 m)44°46′52″N 111°24′00″W
46High BreaksIdaho County, Idaho4,767 feet (1,453 m)45°52′12″N 116°31′26″W
47Hitt MountainsWashington County, Idaho6,329 feet (1,929 m)44°35′16″N 117°00′45″W
48Hitt MountainsWashington County, Idaho6,752 feet (2,058 m)44°35′51″N 116°54′00″W
49Hoodoo MountainsLatah County, Idaho4,816 feet (1,468 m)47°01′59″N 116°29′13″W
50Jim Sage MountainsCassia County, Idaho8,025 feet (2,446 m)42°11′03″N 113°29′40″W
51Lake HillsBlaine County, Idaho6,614 feet (2,016 m)43°24′27″N 113°57′23″W
52Lemhi RangeLemhi County, Idaho9,442 feet (2,878 m)44°37′30″N 113°37′17″W
53Lewisville KnollsJefferson County, Idaho4,918 feet (1,499 m)43°41′04″N 112°02′53″W
54Little Goat MountainsShoshone County, Idaho6,043 feet (1,842 m)46°58′43″N 115°48′39″W
55Little Valley HillsBonneville County, Idaho7,424 feet (2,263 m)43°03′30″N 111°33′03″W
56Lost River RangeButte County, Idaho8,783 feet (2,677 m)43°59′18″N 113°23′19″W
57Malad RangeOneida County, Idaho6,831 feet (2,082 m)42°03′11″N 112°08′34″W
58Middle MountainCassia County, Idaho7,014 feet (2,138 m)42°03′07″N 113°50′23″W
59Moose MountainsClearwater County, Idaho6,735 feet (2,053 m)46°45′32″N 115°11′57″W
60Mount Bennett HillsCamas County, Idaho6,102 feet (1,860 m)43°13′11″N 115°05′29″W
61Ninety Percent RangeCaribou County, Idaho6,808 feet (2,075 m)42°42′29″N 111°39′17″W
62North Fork RangeValley County, Idaho6,243 feet (1,903 m)44°09′39″N 116°03′07″W
63North Hansel MountainsBox Elder County, Utah5,259 feet (1,603 m)41°54′35″N 112°31′33″W
64North Hansel MountainsOneida County, Idaho6,975 feet (2,126 m)42°04′17″N 112°35′35″W
65North JunipersFremont County, Idaho5,945 feet (1,812 m)44°03′08″N 111°52′23″W
66Owyhee MountainsOwyhee County, Idaho8,386 feet (2,556 m)42°58′51″N 116°39′31″W
67Pahsimeroi MountainsCuster County, Idaho8,258 feet (2,517 m)44°27′27″N 114°01′47″W
68Palouse RangeLatah County, Idaho4,728 feet (1,441 m)46°48′16″N 116°51′13″W
69Paradise HillsBingham County, Idaho7,001 feet (2,134 m)43°04′29″N 111°45′14″W
70Picabo HillsBlaine County, Idaho6,211 feet (1,893 m)43°16′29″N 114°08′35″W
71Pioneer MountainsBlaine County, Idaho11,939 feet (3,639 m)43°44′57″N 114°07′51″W
72Pleasantview HillsOneida County, Idaho6,378 feet (1,944 m)42°17′05″N 112°28′37″W
73Pocatello RangeBannock County, Idaho6,621 feet (2,018 m)42°55′47″N 112°18′47″W
74Pole Creek BreaksOwyhee County, Idaho5,814 feet (1,772 m)42°29′43″N 116°59′24″W
75Portneuf RangeBannock County, Idaho7,851 feet (2,393 m)42°48′57″N 112°08′32″W
76Preuss RangeCaribou County, Idaho7,329 feet (2,234 m)42°18′03″N 111°10′52″W
77Purcell MountainsLincoln County, Montana7,707 feet (2,349 m)48°57′48″N 115°58′06″W
78Red HillsLemhi County, Idaho7,572 feet (2,308 m)44°09′55″N 113°25′45″W
79Salmon River MountainsCuster County, Idaho6,975 feet (2,126 m)44°39′21″N 114°12′10″W
80Salmon River RangeElko County, Nevada7,113 feet (2,168 m)41°50′36″N 114°50′09″W
81Samaria MountainsOneida County, Idaho7,605 feet (2,318 m)42°03′31″N 112°20′45″W
82Sand HillsBonneville County, Idaho4,715 feet (1,437 m)43°25′02″N 112°01′22″W
83Sawtooth RangeBlaine County, Idaho9,767 feet (2,977 m)43°57′12″N 114°59′26″W
84Secesh-Warren Area MountainsIdaho County, Idaho8,752 feet (2,668 m)45°15′01″N 115°46′01″W
85Selkirk MountainsBoundary County, Idaho5,331 feet (1,625 m)48°30′01″N 116°45′05″W
86Seven Devils MountainsIdaho County, Idaho9,268 feet (2,825 m)45°18′33″N 116°33′18″W
87Seven SistersBoundary County, Idaho6,929 feet (2,112 m)48°39′17″N 116°39′49″W
88Sheep Creek HillsBear Lake County, Idaho6,539 feet (1,993 m)42°11′52″N 111°06′54″W
89Sheep HillsOwyhee County, Idaho5,161 feet (1,573 m)42°18′39″N 116°38′45″W
90Sheep Mountain RangeClearwater County, Idaho5,686 feet (1,733 m)46°47′30″N 115°33′53″W
91Shoshone RangeShoshone County, Idaho4,035 feet (1,230 m)47°50′00″N 116°00′04″W
92Silver City RangeOwyhee County, Idaho7,559 feet (2,304 m)42°58′22″N 116°40′00″W
93Smoky MountainsBlaine County, Idaho10,118 feet (3,084 m)43°39′47″N 114°39′52″W
94Snake River RangeBonneville County, Idaho9,751 feet (2,972 m)43°23′19″N 111°05′03″W
95Snowdrift MountainCaribou County, Idaho9,357 feet (2,852 m)42°32′59″N 111°13′34″W
96Soda Springs HillsCaribou County, Idaho6,699 feet (2,042 m)42°43′38″N 111°43′34″W
97Soldier MountainsElmore County, Idaho6,942 feet (2,116 m)43°34′04″N 115°10′13″W
98South JunipersFremont County, Idaho6,109 feet (1,862 m)44°00′35″N 111°51′59″W
99St. Joe MountainsShoshone County, Idaho5,466 feet (1,666 m)47°25′14″N 115°57′08″W
100Stone HillsOneida County, Idaho5,472 feet (1,668 m)42°01′05″N 112°47′27″W
101Sublett RangePower County, Idaho6,289 feet (1,917 m)42°18′00″N 112°54′58″W
102Teton RangeTeton County, Wyoming9,252 feet (2,820 m)43°45′05″N 110°53′03″W
103The BreaksJefferson County, Idaho4,905 feet (1,495 m)43°56′13″N 112°21′53″W
104Three ButtesBingham County, Idaho7,182 feet (2,189 m)43°10′15″N 111°39′58″W
105Timmerman HillsBlaine County, Idaho5,627 feet (1,715 m)43°18′17″N 114°15′59″W
106Trinity MountainsElmore County, Idaho6,752 feet (2,058 m)43°37′31″N 115°22′32″W
107Webster RangeCaribou County, Idaho8,668 feet (2,642 m)42°46′12″N 111°11′19″W
108West MountainsGem County, Idaho5,823 feet (1,775 m)44°28′00″N 116°14′04″W
109Western Centennial MountainsClark County, Idaho9,390 feet (2,860 m)44°33′05″N 111°52′15″W
110White Cloud MountainsCuster County, Idaho11,788 feet (3,593 m)44°02′22″N 114°35′08″W
111White HillsCuster County, Idaho8,215 feet (2,504 m)44°31′38″N 114°03′56″W
112White Knob MountainsCuster County, Idaho8,064 feet (2,458 m)43°48′00″N 113°42′03″W
113White MountainsCuster County, Idaho9,600 feet (2,900 m)43°44′50″N 113°58′23″W
114Williams RangeClearwater County, Idaho7,087 feet (2,160 m)46°37′51″N 114°48′40″W
115Wooley RangeCaribou County, Idaho7,208 feet (2,197 m)42°50′15″N 111°25′16″W
116Yellowjacket MountainsLemhi County, Idaho8,018 feet (2,444 m)45°03′03″N 114°35′03″W

The above table shows all 116 mountains that are in Idaho County and also showing some important details about the mountain like Elevation, location and coordiates.

The first map is showing all mountains ranges based ontheir elevation. As you can see in the map, the green color indicates the highest peak and the light grey color indicates the lowest peak mountain range.This map is also showing all major mountains and hills that are in Idaho.

The second map is showing the skiing location in the Idaho map. You can find all the places where you can adventure activity. Check this map for more information. The third map is about the Selkrik Mountains range that is spanning in the northern region of the Idaho state.

The fourth map is related to Sun Valley mountin range, this is also called resort city which is located in the Blaine County of Idaho. The elevation of this Sun Valley is 1805m (5920 feet) above the sea level. View this map for more information.

The last map is about the Bitterroot Mountains, the elevation of this mountain is 11,393 ft (3,473 m). This mountain is located in the northwestren region of the Idaho. This mountain is also a subrange of the Rocky Mountains.

All these maps are available in the PDF format as well as in JPG format. Download or save these maps according to your need.

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