Milwaukee, Wisconsin Road & Highway Map (Printable)

Milwaukee is the largest city in the U.S State of Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) manages the roads and highways of this city. If you want to know more about the roads of this city, then you must have some maps.

That’s why here on this page, we are adding some best highway and Milwaukee road maps. So, without any delay, scroll down the page and get all the maps for free.

1. Milwaukee Road Map:

This map contains some useful information. With the help of this maps, you can easily identify any direction and navigate anywhere inside this city. Below we are describing some brief descriptions of the map that is shown above.

As you saw that this was the Milwaukee Road Map. This map is very useful and contains every single piece of information that you need. You can explore the city interactively with our maps. So, download this map if you find it helpful.

This city is known for its famous breweries factories. But rather than this, there is a lot to explore in this city. There are some famous historical and cultural places that you can visit. So, if you’re planning to travel to this city, you will need some roads and highway maps. Because with the help of these maps you can easily travel inside the city.

Division of Transportation System Development(DTSD) is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and operating all the state highways, interstate highways, and city roads of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Only four Interstate highways pass through Milwaukee city, which are I-94, I-43, I-794, and I-894. Interstate – 94 is the longest highway which runs about 561 KMs, and Interstate-794 is the shortest one which is 5.63 kms long.

In Milwaukee, the longest U.S. highway is the U.S-18 which is 293.16 kms long, and the main Wisconsin Highway 16 (often called Highway 16, STH-16, or WIS 16) is a state highway that runs about 310.9 kms.

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