Free Arizona Lake Maps

Lake maps are mostly used for school and college projects. If you are looking for Arizona lakes maps, then you may find yourself at the right place. We have added some lake maps of Arizona including Havasu and Powell lake. These lake maps are very popular if we talk about Arizona lake maps.

Collection of Arizona Lake Maps:

1. Arizona River and Lake Map:

arizona river and lake map

2. Lake Havasu Arizona Map:

lake havasu arizona map

3. Lake Powell Arizona Map:

lake powell arizona map

As you can see in the first image shown above, it shows all rivers and lakes of Arizona. There are 31 lakes in Arizona, but two of them are the most popular lakes in Arizona. The first one is Havasu lake and the second one is Powell lake. We are going to discuss some most known lakes in Arizona. Let’s start with Big Lake of Arizona.

The big lake is one of the popular lakes in Arizona. It is very large in size that’s the reason it is called Big Lake. It offers an amazing experience of fishing, boating, and sightseeing in the white mountains. It is flooded with locals and tourists who come here to catch the best fishes. It is located approximately 9000 feet that means it is located so high in a cool environment. So, we are suggesting you carry some warm clothes when you visit this place.

Bartlett lake is formed after the construction of a dam on the Verde River. It is the first water reservoir that was built on the Verde River. It is surrounded by green fields and lower hills. Water activities like fishing and boating are permissible here. It is the best lake for giving the best experience of camping.

Havasu lake is located on the western border of Arizona. It is the most visited lake in Arizona. Approx 2500000 fun-seekers visit here to make a memorable moment. It is 45 miles long and 450 miles of shoreline. It is the best spring break destination for students, families, and fun-seekers. The beauty of this lake only depends on clear water. Here we have added a map of Havasu lake, You can easily download it by clicking on the PDF button.

Powell lake was created after the construction of a dam on the Colorado River. It took 17 years of a continuous flow of Colorado River to fill the Powell lake. It is the best vacation destination. Deep blue crystal clear water and rusty beaches are a big attraction here. We have added a Powell lake map, you can download this map in a PDF format, you have to just click on the PDF button to download it and save it in your smart devices.

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