Minnesota (MN) Road & Highway Map (Printable)

Minnesota Department of Transportation manages Minnesota Road Maps. There is a big road network which is spread in the whole state. So, if you are thinking of traveling in this state or working on some road projects, you must check all these Highway Maps and Road Maps. Scroll down the page and have a look.

Minnesota Road & Highway Map Collection:

1. Minnesota Road Map:

2. Road Map of Minnesota with Cities:

3. Minnesota Highway Map:

So, these were some amazing and useful road and highways maps. You can easily download any map by clicking on the buttons under the preview image.

The first map is titled “Minnesota Road Map.” In this section, there are two types of road maps so that you can download any map according to your choice. In this map, you will get to know all the information about all the state’s roads. There, you’ll see all the roads and their routes of all cities of Minnesota. So you can easily navigate in any city of this state.

The second map is a detailed road map of Minnesota, including all city’s and town’s maps.

The last map is Minnesota Highways Map. In this map, you will get to know about all the major highways, interstate highways, and U.S highways. You can easily find the best route to any city with the help of this map. So, without any delay, download this map. All major highways are indicated by a thick red line with a unique highway number.

The MnDOT manages all the highways of this state and the total length of the Interate Highways is about 921.621 miles (1483 kms). Interstate 90 (I-90) is the longest highway of Minnesota that runs for 276 miles (444 kms and Minnesota State Highway 1 (MN 1) in the longest state highway which is 557 kilometres long. For more information you can check the maps.

All the maps are available in PDF format as well as in JPG (Image) format. Don’t forget to bookmark this page if you find these maps helpful. And if you have any suggestions regarding these maps, please tell us by using the comment section below.

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