Maui (Hawaii) Road & Highway Map

Maui is also known as The Valley Isle. It is the second-largest island of Hawaii State. Maui has long been a favourite of visitors because it represents everything people think of, like beautiful beaches, volcanoes, palm trees, and roads. If you are planning to visit this island, you must need some Maui Roads Maps and Highways Maps that will help you explore this most beautiful island in the United States of America. Please have a look at these best and useful maps that we have below.

1. Maui Road Map:

So, this was the best Maui road map in high quality that we have provided above.

The first map is titled “Maui Road Map”. In this map, you will see all the information about all the roads of Maui Island only. There, you’ll see all the roads of this Maui Island. With the help of this map, you can easily navigate from one city to another city on this island. That’s why you must check that map and Maui Highway Map. You can check the next section.

Kahekili Highway or Highway Route 340 is a scary and dangerous highway that passes through Maui (Hawaii). This highway is 34.60 km long. Even after this route is scary, you can also enjoy some beautiful scenes, landscapes, beaches and amazing views while travelling on this highway. But before you choose this road for your travel, you should understand its map, road conditions and weather conditions.

You should avoid travelling on this highway during the rain because of mud, rock sliding, and slippery patches on this road. Even during normal weather, you must be very attentive during driving because this road is very narrow and have sharp edges. There are lots of blind spots that cause an accident. That’s why this road is very challenging.

In Maui, you can find many perfect beaches to enjoy your vacation. You can also do land activities such as hiking in sands, Jump Off A Cliff, Rappel Down, A Waterfall Ziplining, Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Dive with Sharks, and some Off-Road Adventures. These activities will add extra fun to your vacation.

This was the road map of “The Valley Isle” that we have added above. This map is available in PDF format as well as in JPG (Image) format. You can easily download this map by clicking on the buttons. And, this maps is available free for you.

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