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Illinois is a state in the United States of America located in the Midwestern region. It has many rivers that are famous for their beauty, but the major ones are the Illinois River, the Kankakee River, the Mississippi River, the Rock River, the Wabash River, and the Des Plaines River. If you are here to get more knowledge about these rivers by maps. Then, you must check our Illinois river maps that we have added below.

Illinois River Map Collection:

1. Illinois River Map:

2. Map of Illinois River:

3. Illinois Waterway Map:

4. Dupage River Map:

5. Fox River Illinois Map:

6. Great River Road Map, Illinois:

07. Mississippi River in Illinois Map:

These are some of the important Illinois river maps that we have added above. All these maps have all the information that you are looking for. But if you want to know about all rivers that are in Illinois State. Please check the table that we are mentioning below.

S.NoRiverCountyReachLength (miles)
1Apple RiverCarroll, JoDaviessWisconsin State line to Hanover (40 river miles); Hanover to mouth at Mississippi River (12 river miles)50
2Bay CreekJohnson, PopeHeadwaters to RM 18 at Reevesville40
3Beaucoup CreekJackson, PerryRt 13-127 crossing to the confluence with Big Muddy River33
4Beaver CreekClinton, BondClinton/Bond county line to confluence with Shoal Creek23
5Big Bureau CreekBureauEpperson Run to West Bureau Creek5
6Big CreekHardinFrom Highway 146 near Elizabethtown to confluence with Ohio River1
7Big CreekHardinHeadwaters west of the town of Karbers Ridge to the confluence with tributary in T11S, R8E,28NW3
8Big CreekHardinConfluence with tributary in T11S, R8E,28NW south to Highway 146 near Elizabethtown10
9Big Grand Pierre CreekPope, HardinFrom source to the confluence with Ohio River16
10Big Indian CreekLaSalleEarlville to the confluence with Fox River at Wedron23
11Big Muddy RiverJackson, FranklinS.R. 14 south of Rend Lake to Southern Illinois Airport (U.S. 51)52
12Big Muddy RiverJackson, UnionRoad bridge crossing in Sec. 15 approximately one mile east of the town of SandRidge to the confluence with Mississippi River28
13Big Muddy RiverJacksonMurphysboro (one-third mile downstream from the bridge heading to 20th Street) to the boundary of Sec.14a near Gorham8
14Buck CreekLaSalleHeadwaters to mouth at Fox River.16
15Cache RiverJohnsonUS 57 bridge to county Highway 3 bridge northeast of Belknap36
16Cache RiverPulaski, Union, AlexanderChoate Mental Health Center north of the Village of Anna to US 57 bridge. Then County Highway 3 bridge northeast of Belknap to the village of Ullin31
17Crabapple CreekFrom E 1950th Rd in T15N, R11W, S12 to mouth at Brouilletts Creek.6
18Crooked CreekClintonRt. 161 W. of Centralia to the confluence with the Kaskaskia River33
19Des Plaines RiverLake, CookChannelization near Wisconsin state line to point of several small dams near Melrose Park55
20Drummer CreekFord, ChampaignFrom headwaters south of Sibley to the confluence with Sangamon River.18
21Eagle CreekLa Salle, LivingstonFrom headwaters just north of Highway 18 to the confluence with Vermilion River11
22Embarras RiverJasper, ColesLake Charleston to Ste. Marie74
23Embarras RiverJasper, Lawrence, CrawfordFrom Jasper-Richland County line to confluence with Wabash River just south of Westport38
24Fox RiverLaSalle, KendallYorkville to Wedron29
25Fox RiverKane, McHenry, Lake, KenoshaWilmot WI to Algonquin (32 river miles); West Dundee dam to Elgin (6 river miles)41
26Goose CreekPiattFrom headwaters near Mansfield to confluence with Sangamon River20
27Hadley CreekPikeFrom headwaters to McCraney Diversion Ditch21
28Henline CreekMcLean, FordFrom headwaters south of Cropsey and just east of the McLean/Ford county line to confluence with Mackinaw River.18
29Hutchins CreekUnionHutchins Creek between Clear Springs and Bald Knob Wilderness4
30Illinois RiverPeoriaChillicothe to Woodford-Tazewell Co. line (16 river miles) Kickapoo Creek to Pekin (11 river miles)21
31Johnny RunLivingston, GrundyFrom headwaters south of IL highway 17 to the confluence with Mazon River30
32Jordan CreekVermilionFrom headwaters north of road 850 N (Township 18N, Range 13W, Section 23) to the confluence with Salt Fork12
33Kankakee RiverKankakeeIndiana State line to 12d boundary21
34Kaskaskia RiverSt. Clair, ClintonRt. 161 south of Carlyle to State Route 15 crossing at Fayetteville49
35Kaskaskia RiverRandolph, St. ClairCarlyle Lake to Carlyle (5 river miles); US 50 at Carlyle to ILL. 161 (12 rm); Fayetteville to chan. (24 rm); channelization north of Evansville to mouth at Mississippi River (16 rm)47
36Kishwaukee RiverBoone, McHenryIllinois Highway 176 East of Marengo to Beaver Creek31
37Kishwaukee RiverBoone, WinnebagoBeaver Creek confluence to mouth at Rock River17
38LaMoine RiverSchuylerlour Creek to Cedar Creek15
39Little Muddy RiverJackson, Franklin0.8 mi. upstream from Jackson-Franklin County line to confluence with the Big Muddy25
40Little Vermillion RiverVermilionHeadwaters to upstream of Archie Creek near Sidell. Then from the dam at Georgetown to the state line28
41Little Wabash RiverWhiteCarmi to the confluence with Wabash River32
42Little Wabash RiverWayne, ClayThe U.S. 50 east of Clay City to Edwards-Wayne Co. line70
43Lusk CreekPoperoad in T12S, R6E, S3 to the confluence with Copperas Branch6
44Lusk CreekPopeR.M. 29 Headwaters to R.M.1, west of Golconda to (excluding from Copperous Branch up the to the road in T12S, R6E, S3)26
45Mackinaw RiverWoodford, McLeanHeadwaters to upstream of Money Creek Rock Creek. Then tributary in T26N, R1E to the confluence with Rock Creek65
46Mackinaw RiverTazewell, McLeanColfax to the confluence with Illinois River (excluding Rock Creek up to tributary in T26N, R1E,33)65
47Manhattan CreekWillFrom headwaters NE of Manhattan (near the corner of Smith Road and South Cedar Road) to the confluence with Jackson Creek.8
48Mazon RiverGrundyEast Fork of the Mazon River to the confluence with West Fork10
49Mazon RiverGrundy, LivingstonWest Fork Mazon River to Mouth19
50McKee CreekAdams, BrownBrown-Pike County Line to Siloam Springs State Park31
51Miller CreekAlexanderFrom headwaters at the NW edge of T15S, R2W, S018 to confluence with Sexton Creek near the Mississippi River.8
52Ohio RiverPope, Hardin, Gallatin, Alexander, Pulaski, MassacConfluence with Wabash River to Cave-in-Rock (45 rm), then from Cave-in-Rock to Cairo (95 river miles)129
53Otter CreekLa Salle, LivingtonHeadwaters south of Blackstone to the confluence with Vermillion River22
54Panther CreekWoodfordFrom headwaters just south of Minonk to the confluence with Mackinaw River.27
55Pecatonica RiverStephenson, WinnebagoMcConnel Road to Sec. 23, T27N, R7E (18 river miles); Freeport to mouth (65 river miles)79
56Piscataway CreekMcHenryWisconsin state line to confluence with Little Beaver Creek9
57Plum CreekWillGoodnow to Dyer, IN16
58Ramsey CreekFayetteFrom the confluence with Ceasar Creek to mouth at Kaskaskia River.16
59Riley CreekColesFrom headwaters north of Mattoon at N CR 500E to mouth at Kickapoo Creek.15
60Rock RiverOgle, Lee, Whiteside, HenryOregon to Sterling (29 river miles); Sterling to Osborn (68 river miles)90
61Rush CreekMcHenryFrom headwaters SE of Harvard to mouth at Kishwaukee River.16
62Sangamon RiverMcLean, Menard, Sangamon, Macon, Piatt, ChampaignFrom Saybrook to upstream waters of Lake Decatur. Then from Decatur dam to the confluence with Salt Creek.183
63Shoal CreekClintonConfluence with Beaver Creek to mouth at Kaskaskia River13
64Spoon RiverChampaignFrom headwaters at US 136 near Gifford to confluence with Salt Fork14
65Spoon RiverFulton, Knox, StarkFrom headwaters N of the town of Wyoming and NE of Toulon to mouth at Illinois River.147
66Spring CreekIroquois3 miles south of Onarga to mouth at Iroquois River33
67Sugar CreekIroquoisUpstream approximately 36 miles to where channelization begins to the confluence with Iroquois River36
68Sugar RiverWinnebagoWisconsin state line to confluence with Otter Creek5
69Ten Mile CreekDeWittFrom headwaters just N of Toad Hill Road in T 21N, R 3E, S 28 to confluence with Salt Creek.19
70Vermilion RiverLivingston, La SallePontiac to Long Point Creek. Then from to tributary in Sec. 8, T31N, R3E to the confluence with Illinois River45
71Vermilion RiverLivingstonLong Point Creek to Tributary in Sec. 8, T31N, R3E16
72Vermilion River, Middle ForkVermilion, Ford, ChampaignFrom Ford-Champaign County line to confluence with Knights Branch.27
73Vermilion River, Salt ForkVermilion, ChampaignUpstream 36 miles to where channelization begins in Champaign County to the confluence with the Middle Fork38
74Vermillion River, Middle ForkVermilionConfluence with Knights Branch to river mile 46.9 near Collison. Then from river mile 29.8 at the Conrail Railroad crossing north of U.S. Highway 150 to mouth4
75Walnut CreekWoodfordFrom headwaters to the confluence with Mackinaw River25
76West Branch Little Wabash RiverShelbyFrom headwaters to the confluence with Little Wabash River12
77West Okaw RiverMoultrieFrom the confluence with Stringtown Branch to mouth at Lake Shelbyville19

The first map shows all the rivers along with the cities name. In this map, you can easily find all the rivers and lakes of Illinois state. The second map is showing only the Illinois River. It flows generally west across the state and to the north of Hennepin, where it suddenly joins the Mississippi River at Grafton.

The third map is related to an Illinois waterway system consisting of 541 km in length, its origin from the mouth of the Calumet River in Chicago and ends to the mouth of the Illinois River.

The fourth one shows the Dupage River and its branches. The west branch of the DuPage River, 56.3 km long, begins at Campanelli Park in Schaumburg within Cook County and passes south through the entire county of DuPage, including the towns of Bartlett, Wheaton, Warrenville, Winfield, and Naperville.

The fifth map is related to Fox River, Illinois. This river is 325 km long which flows from southeastern Wisconsin to Ottawa and Illinois in the United States. The sixth map shows the Great River Road, which is a collection of state roads and follows the Mississippi River along with ten states of the United States. And, those states are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The seventh map is about the Mississippi River. In this map, you can see the location of the Mississippi River that is flowing through Illinois State.

Above were some river maps of Illinois state. These maps are available in both PDF and JPG format. Save or Download any map by clicking on the buttons that are under the preview image of each map.

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