Oklahoma City (OKC) Road and Highway Map – Printable

Oklahoma is the capital city of Oklahoma State. It is the 11th largest city in the Southern United States. It is a very beautiful city to visit and explore the amazing places of this city. If you are a traveller and planning to visit this city then you must have an Oklahoma City Road Map. Here on this page, we are adding some useful roads and highway maps of this city. Please scroll down the page and have a look at these maps.

Oklahoma City Road and Highway Map Collection:

1. Oklahoma City Road Map:

preview oklahoma-city-road-map

2. Oklahoma City Highway Map:

preview Oklahoma City Highway

These were some amazing and useful road and highways maps. Each map contains the right information that you need while your journey. With the help of these maps, you can easily navigate anywhere in this city. Below we are also describing each map so read the description before viewing or downloading any map.

Main Interstate Highways that are passing through this city:

  • Interstate 35
  • Interstate 40 (Crosstown Expressway, Stanley Draper Expressway, Tinker Diagonal, Tom Stead Memorial Highway)
  • Interstate 44 (Turner Turnpike, Belle Isle Freeway, Will Rogers Expressway, H.E. Bailey Turnpike)
  • Interstate 235 (Centennial Expressway) / U.S. 77 (Broadway Extension)
  • Interstate 240 (Southwest Expressway)
  • Lake Hefner Parkway (State Highway 74)
  • Airport Road (State Highway 152)
  • Kilpatrick Turnpike

Other major Expressway in Oklahoma City:

  • Broadway Extension (US-77) North Oklahoma City
  • Lake Hefner Parkway (SH-74) Northwest Oklahoma City
  • Kilpatrick Turnpike (Outer Loop Tollway) North and West Oklahoma City
  • Airport Road – Southwest Oklahoma City
  • Northwest Expressway (SH-3) Northwest Oklahoma City
  • 39th Expressway (SH-66) West Oklahoma City
  • Northeast 23rd Street (US-62) East Oklahoma County
  • Shields Boulevard (US-77) South Oklahoma City
  • Reno Avenue – West/East Central Oklahoma City

The first map is titled “Oklahoma Road Map”. In this map, you will get to know all the information about all the street roads. There, you’ll see all the roads and their routes of Oklahoma city. So you can easily navigate inside this city. You can check the map legends for more information.

The last map is Oklahoma Highways Map. In this map, you will get to know about all major state highways, US routes, interstate highways, and U.S highways. You can easily find the best route to any city with the help of this map. So, without any delay, download this map.

These were some useful and informative roads and highways maps of Oklahoma City that we have above. All the maps are available in PDF format as well as in JPG (Image) format. You can easily download any map by clicking on the buttons that are under the preview image. And, these maps are available free for you.

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