University Map: Where to Find the Best USA University 2022

The United States is one of the greatest places to attend college and graduate. It prides itself on over 4000 educational institutes with many study options. Students can take any course according to their interests. The country also has many qualities that help attract individuals from all over the world.

America’s universities are famous because of their outstanding quality of education. Degrees from American institutions are recognized globally. There are many advantages to studying in these grad schools. They offer undergrads good career opportunities, a friendly learning environment, and peace of mind. For international individuals to get a US Visa, they need to submit academic certificates, original passports, work experience certificates, and IELTS results.

Moving to a top grad school for your personal, educational, and professional goals might be challenging. However, many guides on how to choose the right university can help you. In this article, we’ve curated the top 10 grad schools you can choose. Our aim in ranking them is to help you tackle this challenge.

1. Harvard University:

It is one of the oldest grad schools in the USA and is one of the most recognized institutions. HU has residential and large school grounds. It offers various fields such as engineering, computer science, medicine, liberal arts & sciences, and law.

You will find approximately 20,000 enrolled scholars. The university’s system has up to 79 libraries. It prides itself on having the most prominent academic library across the globe.

2. Stanford University:

The school was established in 1885 and is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The founder was Leland Stanford. Its school grounds are one of the most prominent grad schools in the US. You will find over 16000 enrolled members. The institute has seven grad schools on one learning ground and is well known for being an athletics powerhouse. It has the award of the leading intercollegiate athletics program across the globe. You can study prestigious courses such as computer science and engineering here.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

MIT is an independent and coeducational university in Cambridge city. It was founded in 1861 to prepare learners in different fields, including computer science now, and to provide information. There are approximately 11000 grad and undergraduate majors such as computer science.

The institute was recently reorganized into five different grad schools. It prioritizes creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

33% of the 11,000 are internationals coming from over 154 countries. Some famous figures who schooled here include Kofi Annan, the former UN sec general, and Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut.

Undergraduate courses are the most selective in the country. MIT only admits 8% of applicants. Computer science and engineering are the most popular undergraduate choices.

4. University of California, Berkeley:

The University of California, Berkeley is the leading public university across the globe. More than 35,000 attend lectures in 14 grad schools and colleges. They provide 350-degree courses. You can set the pace with the community and colleagues and begin giving back to society.

The school allows you to research and explore grad lessons, professional development careers, and funding options for your education.

5. Yale University:

Yale is one of the leading private grad schools, established in 1701. It has around 4703 undergraduate enrolments. The school has a city setting, and the ground is 373 acres. It offers semester-based academic programs. Fees and tuition are approximately $59,950.

6. Columbia University:

Established in 1974, Columbia University is one of the oldest grad schools. Its architecture is a Roman classic. The main college ground is in the heart of New York on Broadway.

You will find 23 libraries and 20 grad schools in the institution. It prides itself on nine Global centers in Columbia, intending to raise cooperation between learners, staff, and alumni to identify planet issues.

7. Princeton University:

PU is one of the oldest in the USA and one of the prestigious Ivy League grad schools. Besides providing top-quality research and teaching output, it’s famous for its beautiful campus. Some of the school’s buildings were designed by the most established architects in America. It has over 8000 enrolled.

It takes approximately one hour to get to the institution from Philadelphia and New York. PU has one of the strictest application processes among grad schools.

8. University of Chicago:

It is a private non-profit institute in Chicago, Illinois. UChicago has many members. For instance, in 2019-2020, over 6000 individuals graduated with bachelor’s degrees. The city has excellent summer weather, which makes summer reading here fun.

9. University of Michigan:

The university offers top-quality education and is one of the top-ranked grad schools. It has more than 1500 student bodies that you can join after admission. The institution is famous for its football team.

10. New York University:

NYU was founded in 1831. Today, it has 19 grad schools and colleges. It prides itself on being one of the most respected and prominent research grad schools. It features top-ranked paths such as health & sciences, computer science, liberal arts, and more. Getting admission here is not easy, though- only 1/8 of applicants get admitted. NYU has degree-granting grad schools in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.

People come from nearly every state and 133 nations across the world. It prides itself on the diverse background of its staff, faculty, and learners, which ensures teaching and scholarship benefit from a massive range of perspectives. The university takes its goal seriously as the leader of social mobility. It is unique among top grad schools in the US in its representation of 1st-generation individuals and those who need financial aid.

To sum up:

We’ve ranked the top grad schools based on a detailed analysis of financial, admissions, academic, and student life information from the Education Department and thousands of reviews from alumni and current members. The ranking compares the top 50 grad schools and universities in the US. There are many more such as Duke University in North Carolina, that never made it to the list but are good schools.

If you’re planning to join college to study computer science or any other course, you should know that there are abundant options of grad schools that you can apply to.

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