South Carolina (SC) Road and Highway Map – Free

Roads play a major role in today’s modern world because roads are the major mode of travel and transport. And there are different types of roads such as U.S Route, street roads, Interstate Highways or city roads which provide a safe journey. If you are planning to travel within South Carolina then you must have a South Carolina Road Map and Highway Map. Below we’re adding some best maps that would be helpful for you. Please scroll down the page and have a look.

South Carolina Road and Highway Map Collection:

1. South Carolina Road Map:

preview south-carolina-road-map -

2. Large Detailed Tourist Road Map of South Carolina with Cities and Towns:

preview large-detailed-tourist-map-of-south-carolina-with-cities-and-towns

3. Road Map of North and South Carolina:

preview map-of-north-and-south-carolina -

4. South Carolina Highway Map:

preview south-carolina-highway-map -

So, above were some best and useful free South Carolina state road maps and state highway maps in HD quality. With the help of these maps, you will get useful information that you are searching for. Below we are describing each map that is added above.

List of Interstate Highways in South Carolina:

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)

List of US Highways in South Carolina:

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)
 US 1170.54274.458
 US 15158.832255.615
 US 17221.454356.396
 US 21245.48395.062
 US 25140.6226.274
 US 29110.202177.353
 US 52159.96257.431
 US 76314.985506.919
 US 78142.207228.86
 US 12365.24104.994
 US 176230.76371.372
 US 178233.39375.605
 US 221126.39203.405
 US 27644.46971.566
 US 278146.13235.173
 US 301189.704305.299
 US 321217.55350.113
 US 378210.31338.461
 US 40177.76125.143
 US 50173.77118.721
 US 521172.82278.127
 US 601183.37295.105
 US 70161.6799.248

In the first section, our first map has its name “South Carolina Road Map “. In this map, you will get to know all information about South Carolina City and its roads. You can easily identify any road and navigate anywhere inside any city of this state.

Now the second map, which is “Large detailed Tourist Road Map of South Carolina”. This map contains information about all tourist places, famous destinations of this state, and also shows all city roads or major highways of South Carolina State. So, have a look at this map for more information. The third map is related to Road Maps of North and South SC(South Carolina) state. This is a specific region map which is showing all roads and highways of South Carolina. Check the map for detailed information.

When you will check the last map that is titled “South Carolina Highway Maps, “. And, when you open this map, you will find information about all major highways, interstate highways, US highways in the state of South Carolina. Thick red lines are indicating the interstate highways. You will also get to know all the other highways that are connecting other states with South Carolina. Each highway is marked with a unique name and number so you can easily identify and navigate.

So, these were some best and useful road and highways maps that we have provided above. All the maps are available in PDF format as well as in JPG (Image) format. You can download any map by clicking on the buttons that are under the preview image.

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