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Not many people know that Idaho has the most river miles than other states. These rivers have covered a distance of over 4988.966 km. All these rivers are beautiful which famous for fishing, hunting, rafting, and boating. Therefore, if you are planning to visit these rivers, you should have our Idaho rivers map. Here on this page, we are listing all river maps. Please scroll down the page and have a look at these maps.

Idaho Rivers Map Collection:

1. Idaho Rivers Map:

2. Idhao Rivers Map:

3. Physical Map of Idhao Rivers:

4. Snake River, Idaho Map:

5. Map of Snake River:

6. Salmon River, Idaho Map:

7. Map of Salmon River:

8. Priest River, Idaho Map:

9. Clearwater River Idaho Map:

10. St Joe River Idaho Map:

11. Clark Fork Idaho Map:

These are the maps of the Idaho rivers you have seen above. These maps have all the detailed information about the Idaho Rivers. You can use these maps to complete your school project or for any other purpose. We assure you that these maps will fulfill your requirements. Below we are mentions some list and table so you can get quick information about the rivers.

List of all River flowing in Idaho State:

In this, you will get to know the name of all the rivers that are flowing through the Idaho state. This is an alphabetical list of all rivers, so check the full list to get the information about the rivers of Idaho.

  1. American River
  2. Antelope Creek
  3. Bad Luck Creek (Idaho County, Idaho)
  4. Badger Creek
  5. Bannock Creek
  6. Battle Creek
  7. Bear River (Boise River tributary) – Bear River tributary of the Boise River, Idaho
  8. Bear River (Great Salt Lake) – Bear River in SE Idaho, SW Wyoming, and NE Utah corner
  9. Beaver dam
  10. Beaver Creek
  11. Big Dick Creek
  12. Big Lost River
  13. Big Canyon Creek
  14. Big Creek
  15. Big Jacks Creek
  16. Big Willow Creek
  17. Big Wood River
  18. Birch Creek
  19. Bitch Creek
  20. Blackfoot River
  21. Blue Creek
  22. Boise River
  23. Boone Creek
  24. Bruneau River
  25. Buffalo River
  26. Camas Creek
  27. Camas Creek
  28. Camas Creek
  29. Canyon Creek
  30. Castle Creek
  31. Clark Fork
  32. Clearwater River
  33. Clover Creek
  34. Coeur d’Alene River
  35. Conant Creek
  36. Cottonwood Creek
  37. Crane Creek
  38. Crooked River
  39. Crooked River
  40. Crooked River
  41. Cub River
  42. Deadwood River
  43. Deep Creek
  44. Deep Creek (Owyhee River tributary)
  45. East Fork Big Lost River
  46. East Fork Salmon River
  47. East Fork South Fork Salmon River
  48. Fall River
  49. Gold Fork River
  50. Goose Creek
  51. Grays Lake Outlet
  52. Hangman Creek
  53. Henrys Fork
  54. Indian Creek
  55. Jacks Creek
  56. Jarbridge River
  57. Johnson Creek
  58. Jordan Creek
  59. Kelly Creek
  60. Kootenai River
  61. Lapwai Creek
  62. Lawyers Creek
  63. Lemhi River
  64. Lolo Creek
  65. Little Clearwater River
  66. Little Jacks Creek
  67. Little Lost River
  68. Little Malad River
  69. Little North Fork Clearwater River
  70. Little Owyhee River
  71. Little Salmon River
  72. Little Weiser River
  73. Little Willow Creek
  74. Little Wood River
  75. Lochsa River
  76. Logan River
  77. Loon Creek
  78. Malad River
  79. Malad River
  80. Marsh Creek
  81. Marys Creek
  82. Meadow Creek
  83. Medicine Lodge Creek
  84. Middle Fork Boise River
  85. Middle Fork Clearwater River
  86. Middle Fork Owyhee River
  87. Middle Fork Payette River
  88. Middle Fork Salmon River
  89. Moody Creek
  90. Moose Creek (Henrys Fork)
  91. Moose Creek (Potlatch River tributary)
  92. Moose Creek (Selway River tributary)
  93. Mores Creek
  94. Moyie River
  95. North Fork Big Lost River
  96. North Fork Boise River
  97. North Fork Clearwater River
  98. North Fork Coeur d’Alene River
  99. North Fork Owyhee River
  100. North Fork Payette River
  101. North Fork Salmon River
  102. Orofino Creek
  103. Owyhee River
  104. Pack River
  105. Palouse River
  106. Pahsimeroi River
  107. Panther Creek
  108. Payette River
  109. Pend Oreille River
  110. Portneuf River
  111. Potlatch River
  112. Priest River
  113. Queens River
  114. Raft River
  115. Rapid River
  116. Red River
  117. Roaring River
  118. Robinson Creek
  119. Rock Creek
  120. Sailor Creek
  121. Saint Joe River
  122. Saint Maries River
  123. Salmon Falls Creek
  124. Salmon River
  125. Secesh River
  126. Selway River
  127. Sheep Creek
  128. Snake River
  129. South Fork Boise River
  130. South Fork Clearwater River
  131. South Fork Coeur d’Alene River
  132. South Fork Owyhee River
  133. South Fork Payette River
  134. South Fork Salmon River
  135. Squaw Creek
  136. Squirrel Creek
  137. Teton River
  138. Union Flat Creek
  139. Warm River
  140. Weiser River
  141. Wildhorse River
  142. Willow Creek
  143. Yankee Fork
  144. Yuba River

10 Longest Rivers In Idaho:

In the given table, you will learn about the ten longest rivers of Idaho State. Please check the entire table for detailed information. After this table, we are also describing each map that we have added above. Please read the description first before viewing or downloading any map.

RiverLength (miles)Length (km)
Snake River10781735
Bear River491790
Kootenai River485781
Salmon River425684
Owyhee River346557
Clark Fork310500
Palouse River167269
Bruneau River153246
Big Wood River137220
Blackfoot River136219

The first one shows all the Idaho Rivers and their courses. Idaho has plenty of beautiful rivers, which are covered a distance of over 4988.966 km. These rivers are also a source of life in Idaho. So, if you have a school project related to the Idaho rivers, you can take the help of this map.

The fourth one shows the Snake River. This is a major river of the greater Pacific Northwest region in the United States. It is mostly famous for fishing, so if you want to go fishing. The sixth shows the Salmon River along with the city limits. You can get all the information about this river on this map. We are pretty sure that this map will be perfect for you. Please have a look at this map for more information.

You can get all these maps on your device without paying. Above were some lakes and river maps of Georgia state. These maps are available in both PDF and JPG format. Save or Download any map by clicking on the buttons that are under the preview image of each map.

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