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Utah (UT) is part of the western USA, which is located in the mountain west subregion of the country. There are total 29 counties in Utah. Here, we are providing some information about the counties of Utah with some printable maps of Counties. These maps will help you know more about the counties, so scroll down the page and check our collection of maps. Now, let’s start with an interactive County map of Utah. You may also check a map of Utah state and some other maps of Utah with cities and towns.     

Utah (UT) County Maps Collection:

1. County Map of Utah:

county map of Utah

2. Utah County (Outline):

simple county mao of utah

3. Map of Utah County:

UT county map

4. Utah Map with Cities and Towns:

city and town map of Utah

5. Map of Utah:

map of Utah

Here, we have added five different types of county maps. Each map contains some useful information. For you, we are also adding some more useful information about each county. So, read the description and save any map for any purpose. We are also adding a specific table that shows some information about the counties of Utah.

List of all Counties in Utah

With the help of this table, you will learn all about the counties. And for some additional information, you can check the county map of this state.

CountyCounty SeatEst.PopulationArea
Beaver CountyBeaverJanuary 5, 185670722,590 sq mi
Box Elder CountyBrigham CityJanuary 5, 1856576665,746 sq mi
Cache CountyLoganJanuary 5, 18571331541,165 sq mi
Carbon CountyPriceMarch 8, 1894204121,478 sq mi
Daggett CountyManilaJanuary 7, 1918935697 sq mi
Davis CountyFarmingtonOctober 5, 1850362679299 sq mi
Duchesne CountyDuchesneJanuary 4, 1915195963,241 sq mi
Emery CountyCastle DaleFebruary 12, 188098254,462 sq mi
Garfield CountyPanguitchMarch 9, 188250515,083 sq mi
Grand CountyMoabMarch 13, 189096693,672 sq mi
Iron CountyParowanJanuary 31, 1850572893,297 sq mi
Juab CountyNephiMarch 3, 1852117863,392 sq mi
Kane CountyKanabJanuary 16, 186476673,990 sq mi
Millard CountyFillmoreOctober 4, 1851129756,572 sq mi
Morgan CountyMorganJanuary 17, 186212295609 sq mi
Piute CountyJunctionJanuary 16, 18651438758 sq mi
Rich CountyRandolphJanuary 16, 186425101,029 sq mi
Salt Lake CountySalt Lake CityJanuary 31, 18501185238742 sq mi
San Juan CountyMonticelloFebruary 17, 1880145187,820 sq mi
Sanpete CountyMantiJanuary 31, 1850284371,590 sq mi
Sevier CountyRichfieldJanuary 16, 1865215221,911 sq mi
Summit CountyCoalvilleJanuary 13, 1854423571,872 sq mi
Tooele CountyTooeleJanuary 31, 1850726986,941 sq mi
Uintah CountyVernalFebruary 18, 1880356204,480 sq mi
Utah CountyProvoJanuary 31, 18506593992,003 sq mi
Wasatch CountyHeber CityJanuary 17, 1862347881,176 sq mi
Washington CountySt. GeorgeMarch 3, 18521802792,426 sq mi
Wayne CountyLoaMarch 10, 189224862,461 sq mi
Weber CountyOgdenJanuary 31, 1850262223576 sq mi

In the first map, you will see the name of all counties and their location on the Utah Map. The second map is a simple county map that shows the outline of all county. This type of map is also known as blank map or outline map. Now, the third map is a detailed County map of Utah. This map shows counties along with all major cities and towns. So, you can get this map if you have any work related to the Counties of this state.

The fourth map is a detailed and large map of Utah’s Cities and Towns. This is a complete and printable map showing all cities, roads, state highways, and their routes. With the help of this map, you can easily move anywhere in any city of this state. The last map is a simple state map of Utah. This map only shows all counties, cities, mountains, hills, rivers and lakes. So, these were some printable maps related to Utah county and towns that we have added above. These high-quality maps are available in PDF and JPG formats. You can easily download any map by clicking on the buttons under the preview image. All these maps are free to download.

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